Group tours

Discover Brussels with Arkadia's network of professional guides, historians, art historians and architects! We offer a series of original guided tours for groups, focused on specific themes or with a particular approach.

These tours are available in French, Dutch, German, English, Italian, Spanish, Russian or Hungarian. One guide is provided for each group of 15, 20 or 25 people, depending on the capacity of the place.


Art nouveau and Art Déco places of entertainment +

Let's take a trip when the night falls and voyage through time, basking in the atmosphere of cafés and other places of entertainment of Art nouveau and Art Déco era. The Falstaff, the Archiduc, the Ciro and others still hold much of the history of entertainment in the Roaring Twenties, when Brussels...

Art nouveau Intérieurs Patrimoine Visites nocturnes

Art nouveau in the heart of Brussels +

A plethora of Art nouveau building can be found in the heart of Brussels. Be it a museum, a café, a cinema, a shop or private houses, the centre of Brussels is the ideal place to discover the Art nouveau movement, its history and its architecture.


Art nouveau

Art Nouveau in the Horta area +

Art nouveau architecture offers a wide range of variations, each one more original than the other. Some buildings are geometrical, others organic, all of them showing amazing distinctive features which reflect the feelings of architects or commissioners. Art nouveau creations are characterized by...

Art nouveau Patrimoine

Avenue Molière – alphabet book of architecture +

Avenue Molière is one of the most beautiful avenues in Brussels : a green setting where audacity and conformism, excess and sobriety mix in an astonishing and harmonious mix of styles. The visitor will stroll through time, discovering this unique fresco of embassies, private mansions, bourgeois...

Bruxelles et ses quartiers Patrimoine

Bruocsella, the roots of Brussels +

Imagine going back in time, a time in the past when Brussels didn't exist, a time where a small river flowed in the middle of swampy islands... This guided tour will conjure the memory of a city of Brussels that no longer exists while offering hypotheses as to how Brussels came into being.


Brussels extraordinary: hidden buildings +

Arkadia offers you the chance to (re)discover the history of Brussels through its hidden gems and buildings. This extraordinary guided tour will take you to the heart of the city, from the Royal Square to the “downtown” area.


Brussels, capital of Europe +

As a multicultural city located on the borders of the Germanic and Latin worlds, there was no better place than Brussels to unite nations around the European project !
With the successive enlargements of the European Union and the arrival of new civil servants, Brussels, as European headquarters...


Comic escapade +

This guided tour takes the visitors through the centre of Brussels on a journey to discover the city's comic-inspired murals. They are works of art paying tribute to comic book authors and their heroes, while at the same time giving insights about Brussels' history. Between fiction and reality...

Bruxelles, ville d'art

Coudenberg Palace +

Built between the second half of the 11th and the 12th centuries on Coudenberg hill, the Palace of Brussels was then rebuilt, enlarged and embellished as the prestige of the Dukes of Brabant grew. They were followed by the Dukes of Burgundy, the Emperor Charles V and finally the Archduke Albert and...


Exploring the historical city centre +

This fascinating circular walking tour will take you from the hilltop Royal district down to the ancient streets and markets of the city centre in the valley below. On the way we will pass the remains of the city walls, in search of the soul of the mediaeval city.