Accessible visits for wheelchair users

Arkadia makes an effort to provide tours which are accessible to as many people as possible. Here is a series of original tours adapted for people with reduced mobility, focusing on different themes or particular insights.

To ensure a pleasant and rewarding experience, we limit the group size to a maximum of 15 people.

These tours have been made possible in part thanks to the support of and Bruxelles Environnement.


Popcorn (MIMA) +

The MIMA introduces "Popcorn", a collective exhibition of 15 artists painting a colourful, quirky and poetic image of our society, with a good measure of surrealism akin to that of the 1930's. The experience, full of humour, is guaranteed to be both a pictorial shock and an antidote to gloom and...

Contemporary art

Art Nouveau and Art Deco in Ixelles ponds area +

Many luxury townhouses were built by the rich bourgeoisie in the Ixelles' ponds area. The neighbourhood presents a great sample of Brussels architectural variety, featuring Art nouveau and Art Déco styles in particular. Follow our guides while discovering enchanting façades, all being equally...

Architecture Art Deco Art nouveau Heritage

Avenue Molière – alphabet book of architecture +

Avenue Molière is one of the most beautiful avenues in Brussels : a green setting where audacity and conformism, excess and sobriety mix in an astonishing and harmonious mix of styles. The visitor will stroll through time, discovering this unique fresco of embassies, private mansions, bourgeois...

Brussels and its districts Heritage

Bellum & Artes (gratuit) +

"Bellum et Artes explores the Thirty Years' War, an early large-scale conflict in Europe through the warring parties’ strategic employment of the arts as a military propaganda tool and to accentuate their power. It goes on to demonstrate the impact of works of art as ‘ambassadors of peace’. The...


Du Quartier Royal à l’Albertine +

Arkadia vous amène à une découverte du Parc Royal jusqu'à l'Albertine en passant par le Palais de la Nation, les batiments clés de la Place Royale et le Mont des Arts.

Cette visite est accessible aux personnes à mobilité réduite. Merci de nous communiquer vos besoins spécifiques lors de votre...


Exploring the historical city centre +

This fascinating circular walking tour will take you from the hilltop Royal district down to the ancient streets and markets of the city centre in the valley below. On the way we will pass the remains of the city walls, in search of the soul of the mediaeval city.

Architecture Histoire Heritage

From Place Flagey to La Cambre Abbey +

The district of Ixelles' ponds, where many mansions were built for the wealthy bourgeoisie, offers a stunning panorama on Brussels' architecture and particularly Art nouveau and Art Déco architecture.

Architecture Art Deco Art nouveau Heritage


The House of European History, created in 2017, is located in the Leopold Park, in the heart of the European district of Brussels. The House of European History aims to become the leading museum about transnational phenomena which have shaped our continent. By interpreting history from a European...

Exhibitions Europe Histoire

INR : House of radio – « The Flagey Liner » +

The INR or « the sound factory » is a marvellous example of aesthetics espousing technical achievements to meet the requirements of radio work. Between Art Deco and modernism, the shape of the building reminds us of the fascination that the 1930s had for the architecture of machines and particularly...

Art Deco Interiors Heritage

Ixelles Cemetery +

If there is a single place in Brussels which enables you to wander and discover the greatest Belgian artists of the 19th and 20th, it is indeed the Ixelles cemetery. Here, the architects Victor Horta and Adrien Blomme rest in peace next to writers or musicians such as Charles de Coster or Eugène...