Group tours

Discover Brussels with Arkadia's network of professional guides, historians, art historians and architects! We offer a series of original guided tours for groups, focused on specific themes or with a particular approach.

These tours are available in French, Dutch, German, English, Italian, Spanish, Russian or Hungarian. One guide is provided for each group of 15, 20 or 25 people, depending on the capacity of the place.


Art in the metro +

From Parc to Ceria subway stations, we will take you through the various works of art commissioned by the Brussels’s subway agency. These unusual and ingenious works of art bring a unique sense of life to each subway station.

Bruxelles, ville d'art Intérieurs

Comic escapade +

This guided tour takes the visitors through the centre of Brussels on a journey to discover the city's comic-inspired murals. They are works of art paying tribute to comic book authors and their heroes, while at the same time giving insights about Brussels' history. Between fiction and reality...

Bruxelles, ville d'art

MIMA + Street Art +

Discover urban art in Brussels in company of our guide! Either hidden or apparent, of modest or enormous size, the multifaceted aspect of Street Art will amaze you. You will explore the MIMA, a young museum of international stature dedicated to accessible and thriving contemporary creation. The site...

Architecture industrielle Art contemporain Bruxelles, ville d'art Patrimoine Street art

Street Art +

Round the corner of a street, on a wall or on a façade, urban art creations are blooming about everywhere. But why? By whom? How? This guided tour will attempt to answer these questions and will allow young people to improve their knowledge and understanding of this modern art, which keeps evolving...

Bruxelles, ville d'art Street art

Street Art in Brussels +

Round the corner, up the walls, along the façades, Street Art is alive and well and spouting everywhere ! Why and how and who ? This guided tour will provide some answers and help you better understand this truly contemporary art that never stops changing and is making more and more aficionados...

Art contemporain Bruxelles, ville d'art