Group tours

Discover Brussels with Arkadia's network of professional guides, historians, art historians and architects! We offer a series of original guided tours for groups, focused on specific themes or with a particular approach.

These tours are available in French, Dutch, German, English, Italian, Spanish, Russian or Hungarian. One guide is provided for each group of 15, 20 or 25 people, depending on the capacity of the place.

Old porcelain factory Demeuldre-Coché +

This former porcelain factory, built in 1830, used to produce quantities of decorative porcelain and earthenware for the creations of famous architects such as Victor Horta and Paul Saintenoy. The latter's tiles can be found on the façade of the Old England building (now the Museum of Music...

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Renovating the Solvay mansion : behind the scenes +

The owner of the Solvay hotel has launched the complete renovation of the street façade : window frames, glass, metalwork and supporting beams. On top of the guided tour of the mansion, our guide will explain the surprising details of the renovation.

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The Solvay mansion and its technical innovations +

Between 1894 and 1898, Victor Horta built the most prestigious Art nouveau mansion in Brussels for Armand Solvay, son of the famous industrialist Ernest Solvay. A major building by Art nouveau master Victor Horta, it has kept all its original elements : furniture, lights, curtains and works of art. ...

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Art Nouveau and Art Deco in Ixelles ponds area +

Many luxury townhouses were built by the rich bourgeoisie in the Ixelles' ponds area. The neighbourhood presents a great sample of Brussels architectural variety, featuring Art nouveau and Art Déco styles in particular. Follow our guides while discovering enchanting façades, all being equally...

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Art nouveau and Art Déco in the centre of Brussels +

Discover Art nouveau and Art Déco architecture in the centre of Brussels, from the MIM (Museum of music instruments) to Bozar, from Central station to Fondation Frison, there is not time to waste ! 

This guided tour (outdoors only !) will show you the numerous aspects of Brussels' architecture from...

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Art nouveau and Art Déco places of entertainment +

Let's take a trip when the night falls and voyage through time, basking in the atmosphere of cafés and other places of entertainment of Art nouveau and Art Déco era. The Falstaff, the Archiduc, the Ciro and others still hold much of the history of entertainment in the Roaring Twenties, when Brussels...

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Art nouveau in the heart of Brussels +

A plethora of Art nouveau building can be found in the heart of Brussels. Be it a museum, a café, a cinema, a shop or private houses, the centre of Brussels is the ideal place to discover the Art nouveau movement, its history and its architecture.


Art nouveau

Art Nouveau in the Horta area +

Art nouveau architecture offers a wide range of variations, each one more original than the other. Some buildings are geometrical, others organic, all of them showing amazing distinctive features which reflect the feelings of architects or commissioners. Art nouveau creations are characterized by...

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From Place Flagey to La Cambre Abbey +

The district of Ixelles' ponds, where many mansions were built for the wealthy bourgeoisie, offers a stunning panorama on Brussels' architecture and particularly Art nouveau and Art Déco architecture.

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Hôtel Van Eetvelde +

The Van Eetvelde Hotel was built in 1895 by Victor Horta for Edmond Van Eetvelde, Secretary General for the Congo, who wanted to show his social success with a house that could accommodate receptions. Showcasing the distinctive features of the Horta style, the house has a superb rotunda glass roof...

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