Group tours

Discover Brussels with Arkadia's network of professional guides, historians, art historians and architects! We offer a series of original guided tours for groups, focused on specific themes or with a particular approach.

These tours are available in French, Dutch, German, English, Italian, Spanish, Russian or Hungarian. One guide is provided for each group of 15, 20 or 25 people, depending on the capacity of the place.


From Place Flagey to La Cambre Abbey +

The district of Ixelles' ponds, where many mansions were built for the wealthy bourgeoisie, offers a stunning panorama on Brussels' architecture and particularly Art nouveau and Art Déco architecture.

Art Déco Art nouveau Patrimoine

INR : House of radio – « The Flagey Liner » +

The INR or « the sound factory » is a marvellous example of aesthetics espousing technical achievements to meet the requirements of radio work. Between Art Deco and modernism, the shape of the building reminds us of the fascination that the 1930s had for the architecture of machines and particularly...

Art Déco Intérieurs Patrimoine