Art Nouveau in the Horta area +

Durée :
2 hours
  • Group tours
  • Tours for school
Meeting point :

Horta Museum
25 American street
1060 Brussels

Groups Price
Group tours: 200 € (week) - 220 € (weekend) Book for a group
School tours: 155 € (week) - 170 € (weekend) Book for a school group

Art nouveau architecture offers a wide range of variations, each one more original than the other. Some buildings are geometrical, others organic, all of them showing amazing distinctive features which reflect the feelings of architects or commissioners. Art nouveau creations are characterized by the use of metal, ornaments inspired by vegetation, and the fluidity of volumes. They also express the aspiration to integrate decorative arts into architectural designs. Art nouveau developed at the turn between two centuries and strove in Brussels like nowhere else. This guided tour is an exceptionally great way to discover and learn about this fabulous movement. Arkadia takes you in Horta's old district to reveal Art nouveau as an ever surprising and fascinating kaleidoscope.