Tours for school

Arkadia has a team of guide-facilitators specialized in dealing with young people.

We offer a range of guided school visits, suitable for young people from primary schools youngsters to higher education students.

In addition to the guided tours, Arkadia also offers a range of interactive rallies to be carried out with questionnaires based on games and quizzes, all created by us.

Discover our program below!


The World of Banksy +

Banksy is undoubtedly today’s most famous and controversial street artist. The Banksy Museum resolutely sets out to introduce Banksy and his unusual approach through the creativity he has shown in the streets all over the world. There was no question in the mind of the curating team of simply...

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The House of European History, created in 2017, is located in the Leopold Park, in the heart of the European district of Brussels. The House of European History aims to become the leading museum about transnational phenomena which have shaped our continent. By interpreting history from a European...

Exhibitions Europe Histoire

Visites combinées : BELvue + Coudenberg +

Cette visite emmènera vos élèves à la découverte de deux lieux emblématiques bruxellois.

La découverte du musée BELvue : 

Depuis le 21 juillet 2016, le BELvue vous propose de découvrir la Belgique et son histoire à travers 7 thèmes : démocratie, prospérité, solidarité, pluralisme, migrations...

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