The World of Banksy +

Durée :
1 hour
  • Group tours
  • Tours for school
Meeting point :

28 rue de Laeken
1000 Bruxelles

Groups Price
Group tours: 115 € (week) - 125 € (weekend) Book for a group
School tours: 100 € (week) - 110 € (weekend) Book for a school group

Banksy is undoubtedly today’s most famous and controversial street artist. The Banksy Museum resolutely sets out to introduce Banksy and his unusual approach through the creativity he has shown in the streets all over the world. There was no question in the mind of the curating team of simply putting Banksy in frames. Visitors will discover the master of street art in a comprehensive and immersive experience. This exhibition and the Banksy Museum give a new lease of life to Banksy’s street creations – as many of them have disappeared.

Intrance ticket not included
- 10€/pp for adults
- 7€/pp for schools