Individuals tours

Every weekend from March to December, Arkadia organizes individual guided tours with various original themes about our architectural heritage and the contemporary city.

Discover modernist houses of the interwar period, artists' studios, parks and green spaces unknown to most people, contemporary art exhibitions, etc.

Arkadia's team is composed of art historians who ensure each visit's quality and accessibility.

Reservations are required via this site, payment is made online and tickets are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.


Le "Variétés"

Construit par Victor Bourgeois et Maurice Gridaine en 1937, le Variétés est initialement conçu pour être à la fois une salle de concert, un théâtre, un music-hall et un cinéma, affectation exclusive des lieux à partir de 1954. Il reste aujourd’hui un cinéma d’exception dans l’histoire des salles...

Contemporary architecture Modernist architecture

101% walk in Laeken and Jette

The programme 101e%, set up by the SLRB, makes it possible to create unique contemporary works of art on social housing sites in order to improve the well-being of tenants and the quality of public spaces. The works are the result of a participatory process and a dialogue between the artist, the...

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