WHEN WALLS TALK / HOUSE OF EUROPEAN HISTORY / Temporary exhibition (free) +

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House of European History
135 Rue Belliard
1000 Brussels

WHEN WALLS TALK / HOUSE OF EUROPEAN HISTORY / Temporary exhibition (free) +

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The House of European History, created in 2017, is located in the Parc Léopold in the heart of the European district of Brussels.
The exhibition "When Walls talk" is built upon the concept of illustrated posters, which reflect an increasingly commercial world, and then a world in which political ideologies clash. With their imposing size and presence, posters have conquered public space and helped shape the urban landscape. From the propaganda of the two World Wars and the Cold War to the explosion of cultural exchanges, the rise of tourism and the emergence of heterogeneous social movements after the Second World War, the selection of posters from the collection of the House of European History bears witness to a complex intertwining of European division and unity.

On these free tours, Arkadia guides will help you understand the major developments in the aesthetics of European posters over time, as well as the parallels, correlations and interrelationships between posters from different countries.

Reservations for groups are required and can be made directly on the website of the House of European History.