Modern architecture : Coghen square

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A l’angle de l’avenue Coghen et du square Coghen 1180 Uccle
© Karin Vermeire

Modern architecture : Coghen square

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The Coghen square was designed in 1929 : a unique example of Art Deco and modern architecture applied to residential quarters in Brussels, it was destined to the wealthy Bourgeoisie. The clever layout of the various constructions makes good use of the uneven ground, allowing for planted front yards. Great architects  - L-H. De Koninck, P. Verbruggen, J. Franssen, to name a few - contributed to the design of the square. After discovering some of their creations, the tour will take you to the "rue de l'Echevinage" to see some architectural findings. 

This guided tour is supported by the municipality of Uccle : it is mainly destined for its residents but a few places are available for grab a place !