MIMA - exposition Dream Box

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Walking tour

Enter the magical world of DREAM BOX.  Test the limits of your senses and the power of your imagination. In order of appearance, the illusions are: The psychedelic box of Elzo Durt, the phantasmagorical world of Hell’O, the musical incantation of Escif, the trompe-l’oeil of Felipe Pantone and the survey of Imabelpro Eurostom, conceived by the Gogolplex Collective.


The  spirit  of  the  6th  MIMA  exhibition  can  be  encapsulated in  two  words: immersive  and  playful.  Called “DREAM  BOX,”  this  chapter  borrows  its  vocabulary  from  the  language  of  magic:  Optical  illusion,  special effects, and visual and musical incantation will guide your senses and make room for your imagination.

This simultaneous experience of what is known as your “intuitive” and “reflective” thought is what makes the visit enjoyable. The illusions trick your senses and beef up your imagination. Reality no longer seems merely objective and rational.

Guided tours for groups, schools and individuals will be organised also during the weekends and nocturnes!


  • Guided tours for individuals: 15€ (free < 12 years old)
  • Guided tours for groups: 95€ + entrance ticket
  • Guided tours for schools: 75€/class + entrance ticket
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Quai du Hainaut 41
1080 Brussels


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The reservations are closed on Friday before the weekend.