archiweek 2020 : The Fundamental Acts

30' - 1h
Walking tour
Individual tours

This 2nd edition of archiweek organised by Urban advocates for pro-urban living in post-pandemic times, by exploring spaces which give priority to the fundamental acts of LIFE, EDUCATION, CEREMONY, LOVE and DEATH. The theme is inspired by Superstudio’s radical proposal in 1972-1973, to bring back and centre stage the great themes of life in architecture.

The archiweek will offer between 2 and 8 guided tours related to one of the fundamental acts:

LIFE, or spaces of domestic life and supporting structures: Siège CBR, P.NT2, La Serre and Brutopia.
EDUCATION, or spaces of learning and transmission: Ecole Maritime, Ecole Arc-en-ciel, iMal and Actiris.
CEREMONY, or spaces for shared rituals and celebration: Recyclart, Rasquinet Park, Porte de Ninove Park and BC Materials.
LOVE, or spaces of care and solidarity: Beguinage, Nieuw Kinderland, Tri Postal, La Ferme du Chant des Cailles.
DEATH, or spaces for mourning and memory: Memorial 22/3, Abattoirs, Brussels Cimetery and Multi Tower.

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