Arkadia offers you 2 formulas to make your children's birthdays between 6 and 12 years old unforgettable in the company of their friends (15 children maximum)!

- Art nouveau formula (at Gugal, Rue Mercelis 81 1050 Ixelles)
- BELvue Formula (At the BELvue museum, Place des palais 7, 1000 Brussels)

Each formula lasts 3 hours! 2h30 of animations and visits and 30 minutes for the cake and the opening of the gifts!

Come and discover the specificities of each birthday below!

Cette visite n’est plus disponible dans l’agenda mais vous la trouverez dans les visites de groupes

Invite your friends to the museum for an unforgettable afternoon! After you have explored the museum in a playful manner, it is time for a creative workshop and then comes the highlight of the party: the snack! " Pierre, a friend from France, was supposed to visit the museum today. But...